Barb and Baden’s Excellent Greek Adventure – Final

I realize that this final posting of our Greek Adventure is several days late as Barb and I have been home for a few days. To wrap up this trip’s blog postings I’m just going to add some comments to the photos below.

Hi-resolution to all of my favourites photos from our Greek Adventures can be found on my photo web site here.



The top photo is a view from Mount Lycabettus of the Parthenon (the building) which is on the Acropolis (the hill). Lycabettus is one of the best places to go to in Athens to get panoramic views of the city.

One of our favourite dinners in Athens was at this restaurant (sorry, forgot the name) which was about 15 minute walk from our hotel. Like many of the restaurants, this one was open air and was very lively with a Greek band playing and dishes being thrown to the ground.


The photos at the bottom of this set were taken at the Acropolis. We went up to see the Parthenon in the early morning and the crowds were much lighter than any other time of the day. As seen in the bottom photo, there were stray cats all throughout Greece.


On the High Seas


Our cruise ship Galileo was a small, 45 passenger ship that allowed us to get into small coves and visit 6 of the Greek islands. Several times over the weeklong cruise we stopped and allowed to swim along the side of the ship in the Agean Sea. The photo at the bottom is a sunset photo of the windmills on the island of Mykonos.





One of the most famous of the Greek Islands, Santorini’s cliffside towns are known around the world as well as the breathtaking views. We rented a quad 4×4 one day and tired the island including visiting Red Beach for a swim. The red sand comes from the red sandstone cliffs above the beach. The photos at the bottom are from our hotel, Astra Suites. We had breakfast delivered to our room each morning, enjoying the sun rise and the view of the sea in front of us.