About Me

My name is Baden Smith and I live in Vancouver, Canada.

My wife Barb and I share a passion for travel and we have spend most of the past few decades travelling to many places around the world - usually about once or twice a year.

I first used the phrase "Excellent Adventure" in 1999 when we travelled to New Zealand and the Cook Islands. It was on this trip that I first started emailing our travel journals to friends and family as we travelled throughout the South Pacific. These emails described our excellent adventures. On every trip since 1999, we've continued to send out these travel journals to an ever-expanding list of people.

On our first trip to France in the fall of 2004 I decided that I wanted to move the whole Excellent Adventure thing onto an online blog where I easily could share my photos and also a single place where all of our travel stories would be kept. This idea evolved into this ExcellentAdventure.ca web site which you are now reading. I've updated this web site many times over the years but writing about our travel adventures has remained the same.

Barb and I at a tennis match in Indian Wells, California (2022)